We apologise that you are experiencing an issue with pairing your unit.

If you are repeatedly unable to successfully pair your unit with your phone or tablet, please try the following steps.

Reboot your smartphone/tablet and the QTIME unit

Try fully restarting your phone or tablet and turning the power to your QTIME unit on and off. Sometimes this will fix the issue and you will now be able to pair.

Make sure your QTIME unit is within range of your router

In order to operate correctly your QTIME unit typically needs to be less than 30 metres away from the Wi-Fi router in your home. However this depends a lot on the layout of your home and the thickness of your walls.

The QTIME plugs directly into your child’s games console, so the place where you keep the games console must be within range of the Wi-Fi router.

Please try temporarily moving your QTIME unit directly next to the router and trying to pair again. If it works this time, it means the place where you usually keep your QTIME unit and games console is likely out of range and will need to be moved closer to the router, or you can install a Wi-Fi range extender.

Ensure that you have a compatible Wi-Fi network

QTIME is only compatible with 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi networks and is unable to operate with a 5Ghz-only router. If you have turned off the 2.4Ghz mode in your router settings, please turn it back on.